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Site created by artists for artists to compete in different catagories of music and video (judged only by fellow artists).  Many Waxturnal tracks have placed high in the Dance, Electronica, and Techno charts.  This was also the site that banned the Wax Poetic-Silverlake music video: HIS OR MINE (directed by Robert Loveren) from the 2008 video competition due to complaints coming in from viewers that found it too graphic and disturbing with an intensity much like JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, and PASSION OF THE CHRIST ???

Sony Acid Planet

Home base for many of DJ WAXTURNAL'S caustic beats and emotronic tracks including  Acid Planet Remix Contest Mixes.  The "Birth Place" of the Bobby Love-Waxturnal DJ Transition. 

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