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Live at the Art Theatre in Long Beach
Long live Analog!


In between shots for His or Mine 1998
Window Illumination Shot for Memory 1997
Windmill Action Sequence for Ulysses 1996
Trigger Pads on the set of Never See Me Cry 1999
Master Shot for Unfortunate Timing 1999
Shooting Love Action 1998
Rooftop set for Love Action 1998
Roadster Pose on the set of Never See Me Cry 1999
Resting on the set of Unfortunate Timing 1999
Passion of the His or Mine video shoot 1998
On the set of the video Unfortunate Timing 1999
Master Shot for the video Ulysses 1996
On the set of Never See Me Cry 1999
Death sequence for the video His or Mine 1998
Light Illumination for the video Memory 1997
Inspecting Garage Set for the video Never See Me Cry 1999
900 CERAMICS 1997
DRANCE Promo poster 1996
Shooting the "controversial" music video HIS OR MINE for the band THE WAX POETIC (Silverlake) 1998
Reunited with an old friend
SIGNIFICANT OTHER mausoleum pose (Hollywood 1988)
SIGNIFICANT OTHER on the flatbed in the sublevel
Shooting The Film PASSING TIME (Downtown Los Angeles 1985)
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